2023-2024 News

Visit Road Safety Town for K2-K3

Dear Parents︰

 Our school will bring students to the “Road Safety Town ” on 3rd May, 2024 (Friday). This is a learning activity. Parents are encouraged to allow your children to participate. If students do not participate in this activity, they do not need to return to school on that day.

Details are as follows︰

Date 3rd May ,2024 (Friday)
Visit Time 9:30am-10:50 am
Gathering time/Location 9:00am/our school
Venue Traffic Safety City at Pak Fook Road, North Point
Free Free of charge
Target Participants K2-K3 Students
School Dismissal Time Morning class students︰12:00nn , Full-day class students︰4:15pm
Learning Target 1) Learn traffic signs.

2) Understand different traffic facilities on the road.

3) Through simulated traffic facilities on site, children can learn to use the

 facilities to cross the road safely.

Note Please prepare adequate measures to prevent mosquito bites for your child.

Bring your own drinks and sun hat .