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Visit Road Safety Town for K2-K3

Dear Parents︰  Our school will bring students to the “Road Safety Town ” on 3rd May, 2024 (Friday). This is a learning activity. Parents are encouraged to allow your children to participate. If students do not participate in this activity, they do not need to return to school on that day. Details are as follows︰ Date 3rd May ,2024 (Friday) Visit Time 9:30am-10:50 am Gathering time/Location 9:00am/our school Venue Traffic Safety City at Pak Fook Road, North Point Free Free of charge Target Participants K2-K3 Students School Dismissal Time Morning class students︰12:00nn , Full-day class students︰4:15pm Learning Target 1) Learn traffic signs. 2) Understand different traffic facilities on the road. 3) Through simulated traffic facilities on site, children can learn to use the  facilities to cross the road safely. Note Please prepare adequate measures to prevent mosquito bites for your child. Bring your own drinks and sun hat .  

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Bible Verses Recitation Competition

Dear Parents, Our school will hold a Bible verse reciting competition on the morning of 24th May , 2024 (Friday) In the school. The Chinese bible verses are sourced from the “Seeds of Life” textbook. The teacher will advise the chosen verses and pronunciation guide in mid-April. We hope that the parents can help your children study at home. There will be one outstanding student in each class, and the winning student will be awarded a prize at the graduation ceremony on June 22, 2024 (Saturday). If parents have any questions, please contact the class teacher at 2898 2128. Please reply this E-notice on or before 16th April, 2024. St. James Lutheran Kindergarten Lai Choi Ha Principal 12 th April,2024  

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Lunar New Year Celebration

Dear Parents,      To celebrate the Lunar New Year, our school has specially organized a scries ofcelebration activities so that children can understand the culture of Chinese traditionalfestivals and the Lunar New Year customs. The details are as follows: Date Time Activity Name Activity Content costumes 5-2-2024 9:00-12:00 am(Normalafternoon classschedule forWhole Daystudents) Lunar New Year Celebrations 1) Introduction throughVideo Lunar New Yearcustoms.2) Outdoor games.3) Dragon and lion danceactivities. Chinese ethniccostumes 23-2-2024 9:00-12:00 am(Normalafternoon classschedule forWhole Daystudents) Birthday Party cumLantern FestivalActivities 1) Games2) Guess lantern riddles3) Take birthday photoscostumes Chinese ethniccostumes.Please bring schoolbirthday bag, towelbox and water cup (noschool bag)     Children can also wear casual wear (sandals are not allowed) on their own birthdays, sothat teachers and classmates can share joy with the birthday star. In addition, parents arecordially invited to take a family photo with birthday star at school as follows:     Date : 23rd February 2024 (Friday)     Time: 8:45 am – 9:00 am     Venue: School lobby     Parents may prepare a birthday cake for your child’s birthday, so that your child canlearn to share the joy of birthday with others. Other students bringing healthy snacks inindividual packaging are also welcomed. If parents prepare birthday cake for your child,please inform the class teacher before 5th February, 2024.

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Flag Raising Team Training Programme

Dear Parents:      Our school obtained funding from the Quality Education Fund to implement nationaleducation in order to allow students to understand and care about the country throughpersonal participation, and to enhance their recognition of national identity. The School willhold a flag-raising team training program from 28th February, 2024 to 29th May,2024(every Wednesday). The details are as follows: Data 28/2、6/3、13/3、20/3、10/4、17/4、24/4、8/5、22/5、29/5Total 10 meetings. Time 4:15-5:00 pm Clothing School uniform Fee Free

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