2023-2024 News

Joint School Film Appreciation Activity

Dear Parents,

      Our school has received funding from the Home-School Cooperation Committee to organize a “Joint School Movie Appreciation”. This event will be held jointly with Heng Fa Chuen Lutheran Day Nursery. This is a cartoon film produced by Disney. The content describes the emotional changes of different characters, allowing children to understand that they have different emotional ups and downs. It is suitable for children to watch. One parent is welcome to accompany their child. If parents are unable to accompany their children, teachers will take care of the students to and from the school. If students do not participate in this event, they do not need to return to school on that day.

The details are listed below:

Date: 12th July,2024 (Friday)
Gathering time : Students : 9:00am at school

Parents : 9:15am at the East Gate

Show Time : 10:00am- 12:10 noon
Venue : Cinema City , Winner Centre,, Chai Wan
Movie : Inside Out 2
Dismissal time Half day session :   Direct dismisses at the cinema for those accompanied by parents

                               12:30 noon at school for those not accompanied by parents

Whole day session : Normal school hours 4:15pm at school