St. James Lutheran Kindergarten

St. James Lutheran Kindergarten

In the name of the Lord, for the Lord's kingdom, with the Lord's love, doing the Lord's work.

Hong Kong Lutheran Services:

The Hong Kong Lutheran Church was founded in 1949 by American Lutheran missionaries. It is committed to spread the Gospel, to promote all types of social services, and to implement Christian whole-person education for the cultivation of church workers and service to the community.

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Lutheran Kindergartens, Primary Schools, International Schools, Special Schools:


  1. Chan Mung Yan Lutheran Kindergarten
  2. Kin Sang Lutheran Kindergarten
  3. Hong Kong Lutheran Church Kwun Ting Kindergarten
  4. Loving Heart Lutheran Kindergarten
  5. Lui Cheung Kwong Lutheran Kindergarten
  6. Rock of Ages Lutheran Kindergarten
  7. Redemption Lutheran Kindergarten
  8. Sharon Lutheran Church Kindergarten
  9. Sharon Lutheran Church Kindergarten(Tsz Oi Branch)
  10.  St. James Lutheran Kindergarten
  11.  St. Philip Lutheran Kindergarten
  12.  Zion Lutheran Kindergarten

International School

  1. Concordia International School(H.K.)
  2. H.K. International School

Primary Schools & Special Schools

  1. Holy Cross Lutheran School
  2. Leung Kui Kau Lutheran Primary School
  3. Lui Cheung Kwong Lutheran Primary School
  4. Sharon Lutheran School
  5. St. Matthew’s Lutheran School(Sau Mau Ping)
  6. Lutheran Tsang Shing Siu Leun School