St. James Lutheran Kindergarten

St. James Lutheran Kindergarten
Fee Information

School Fee

This school is a school participating in the "Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme. The tuition fees after deduction of government subsidies for the 2023/24 school year are as follows:

Half-day class: no tuition fee required;

Full-day class: tuition fee $236 per month, meal fee $760  per month, total $996 

Ten instalments throughout the year


All the following items are organised by third party


Refreshment fee for half day classes

In two instalments            each HK$880


Students textbooks, exercises books and Miscellaneous

In two instalments

2023/24 Term 1   

Half day classes        K1  approx. HK$1,400

                                 K2  approx. HK$1,300

                                 K3  approx. HK$1,400      

Whole day classes    K1  approx. HK$2,000

                                  K2  approx. HK$1,900

                                   K3  approx. HK$2,000


School Uniforms

Summer      whole set approx. HK$160-180

Winter         whole set approx. HK$420-480    

Sweater      approx. HK$100-120         

The above fee is for reference only.