St. James Lutheran Kindergarten

St. James Lutheran Kindergarten


School-based Curriculum

The theme book, festival story, poetry collections which are made by our school, with the use of the smart pen that recorded by teacher,can enhance children's self-directed learning ability.


Corner exploration activity

Through the "plan, practice, view", to enhance children's ability to self-motivated study.


Theme group teaching

Teaching in the form of groups to increase children's participation opportunities to enhance children's ability to express self-confidence

Program teaching

For children interested in the specific theme, and then carry out in-depth exploration, training children to take the initiative to explore the spirit.


Visit the event

Let the children personal experience to explore, enrich the experience of children's life, consolidate classroom knowledge.


Biblical activity

To the children based on the Bible, to strengthen children's character education, to develop the correct attitude.


English activity

To provide a rich foreign language environment, foreign teachers every day to school games, children's songs, English morning exercises and other activities to enhance children's learning and fun, to increase access to English opportunities.


Mandarin activities

By reading the story, poetry, to strengthen the children of Putonghua listening, speaking, reading and writing ability and understanding.


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